vintage rolex watches

Everything You Need To Know About Vintage Rolex Watches

vintage rolex watches
Vintage Rolex Watches – image: Bob’s Watches

Every luxury watch collector has a list of their dream watches. As one would image the more rare a watch the more out of reach and in many times desirable it becomes. When looking for super rare watches we generally notice that vintage Rolex watches top the list with models that range from vintage Submariner references to classic Daytona watches.

If you are in the market for a new vintage timepiece, or just want to learn more you are in for a treat. We have scavenged the online world to provide you with everything you need to know about vintage Rolex watches.

      1. How To Buy Vintage Watches
        the market for truly “vintage” watches is something quite different from that for relatively young “pre-owned” watches. Any watch made before 1990 could be considered vintage, although some collectors put the maximum year of “vintage” at 1980 or even earlier. I’d like to use 1990 as the baseline for this article, which offers my tips on buying vintage watches, but in the end you’ll have to decide for yourself whether a given watch is old enough for you to qualify it as “vintage.” Read More
      2. Best Watches For Men
        Well, “vintage Rolex” is its own brand now, and it’s a brand that’s almost designed to shred guys like you. Rolexes are timeless. They are classic. But they’re timeless and classic because Rolex made tool watches, not jewelry. You know why the Submariner is called the Submariner? Because it’s a dive watch. The Daytona is a racing chronograph, which is one reason it’s named after a racetrack. These watches were tough, and years of beating on them has only made them more rugged and more real, and less like the gaudy, over-designed monstrosities coming out from brands who will remain namelessRead More
      3. 5 Watches That Deserve a Re-Edition
        Here are five watches that, in my opinion, would be perfect as the basis for a modern re-edition. They range from watches released half a century ago to watches that have been on the market for only two decades.

          1. Longines Chronograph Caliber 13ZN
          2. Ebel 1911 Chronograph Caliber 134/400
          3. Rolex Oyster Chronograph “Jean Claude Killy” 6036
          4. Omega Constellation Pie-Pan
          5. Audemars Piguet Star Wheel

        Read More

      4. My Top 3 Rolex GMT-Master Watches
        From the first models, with their bakelite turning bezels, to the current models that feature an independent extra hour hand and a ceramic turning bezel, there are plenty to choose from, as this watch has been on the market since 1954.

        1. Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 16710
        2. Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 116710LN
        3. Rolex GMT-Master Reference 1675

        Read More

      5. Vintage Rolex & Bamford Watch Department Online Trunkshow Sale
        Online retailer Moda Operandi is known for their highly exclusive trunkshows featuring commissioned one-of-a-kind designer items including watches. Their latest exclusive collaboration showcases the timeless and iconic Rolex watch; the first, from George Bamford, who brings you one-of-a-kind luxury versions of Rolex sport watches and the second, from CMT Fine Watch and Jewelry Advisors, the brainchild of Carl Cohen, who brings you a heritage assortment of Rolexes. With both of these lines, Moda Operandi ensures that there’s a Rolex out there for every discerning taste. This online trunkshow is available for a limited time this month in June. Read More
      6. Found Christie’s Offers 23 Vintage Rolex Watches, All With Boxes And Papers, For Sale Online, Right Now
        Nothing hits a vintage Rolex lover more than three words: “box and papers.” This means that the watch comes with original documentation and boxes from when sold new. This, in particular with vintage Rolex watches, is highly uncommon – a Rolex is a tool watch and so few would take the time to consider that they might want the paperwork and accessories down the road. There are, at times, serious premiums paid for a watch with box and papers and today, Christie’s Online Watch Shop let loose a sale of 23 vintage Rolex watches, all with box and papers. Read More
      7. Hands On With Some of The Most Iconic Rolexes
        Some of you guys know I’m usually writing about new watches, mostly independent brands, and rarely about the traditional manufacturers. Especially vintage watches, I usually leave that to other, more experienced ‘watch geeks’. However once in a while I do get a chance to meet with some very knowledgeable collectors or retailers; and when that happens it seems as if their passion just transmits to me, and I, too want to learn all about those rare pieces and their stories. This Summer our team was in Florence, and had the pleasure to meet Mr. Marlon De Simone, one of the co-owners of ‘WatchesInRome’ – a vintage and special vintage watch retailer in Rome. He traveled all the way from there so that we could see and get our hands on some of his finest rare vintage Rolex timepieces. Read More

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