The Most Expensive Rolex Watches

Most Expensive Rolex Watches
Most Expensive Rolex Watches

The name Rolex instantly brings to mind luxury and expert craftsmanship. It is no surprise that many Rolex timepieces sell for a high amount. Even the most basic Rolex watches sell for a few thousand dollars. Over time, many Rolex timepieces have come up for auction, selling for thousands and even millions of dollars. Here is a list of some of the most expensive Rolex watches ever sold:

1942 Rolex Chronograph – This unique model is considered one of the most expensive watches ever sold. It is also one of the rarest. Released in 1942, Rolex only made 12 units which feature a nickel finish and lever 17 jewels movement and silver matte dial with pink gold Arabic and baton numerals. Originally estimated at a value of $680,000, a single example sold for $1.16 million at a Christie’s auction.

Eric Clapton’s 1971 Rolex Daytona – Anything Eric Clapton owned is highly valued, including his Rolex timepiece. This unique watch features a silver monochrome dial which led to its nickname “Albino.” This is considered a rarer Rolex timepiece and is typically valued at around $100,000. However, because Clapton wore this specific one, it sold for $505,000.

Rolex GMT 116769TBR – With its use of luxurious and highly prized materials, this watch is considered the priciest timepiece to ever come directly from the company. It features a stunning diamond encrusted dial with luminous hour markers. The 18k white gold case is also encrusted with 76 brilliant round diamonds. This particular watch sold for $485,350.

James Bond 1973 Rolex 5513 – In the classic Bond film Live and Let Die, Roger Moore wore a Rolex 5513. This classic watch features a stainless steel body and white on black dial. Because it was worn by “James Bond,” it also offers a razor disc, buzz saw and a magnetic field generator. This highly prized and unique timepiece sold for $450,000 at auction.

Paul Newman Rolex Daytona – The Paul Newman Daytona has long been the signature watch of the company. Its stunning casing and dial are made of 14k champagne gold. The dial is fitted with a tachometer and three highly recognizable black interior sub dials for optimal contrast. This timepiece is extremely rare, with only 200 units made. One of these rare watches sold for $106,273 at auction.